All About Now

by DemBones

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Exactly what it says on the tin:
it is undeniably "All About Now", for the moment at least...


today things fall apart, float away likea feather
tonight we will collide, come crashing in like the tide, woo, oh oh...
all of our lives.. it's hurry up and wait.
but all of the time we coulda been together..
Ch.} it's all about now, it's all about now (4Xs)
so todaywe feel the strain, to get thru days like these,.
are ya feling happy baby? c'mon move over, gimme the keys..
well, all of our lives, we do, do what they say, are we ever happy honey? Come On Feel The Pain!
Ch,} It's all about now, it's all about now.(8xs)
So today it all falls apart, never holds together, tonight we fly away, spinning out with the weather..
~ we're flying over gardens, parks and backyards, flying over fereways teeming with cars, soaring over mountains, oceans and seas,
taking off running jumping into the beeze..
~ ~ well love can be a battlefield strewn with the dead
blood covered corpses soaking in red,
or life can be a party happy and light..
Come on choose a side!
Ch.} It's all about now, it's all about now.... (til end..)


released January 12, 2017
Music and lyrics by Demian Boas / arrangements by the DemBonesBand ©2016 all rights reserved
musical arrangement also by DemBonesBand (Bernd Kiener and Oddur Mar Runarsson)


all rights reserved



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