Quiet Riot

by DemBones

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the summer riots in Hackney a few years ago, after Mark Duggan was murdered by police in Tottenham - We were coming back from Big Chill music festival, home to the running battles on our street between ppl and poloice.. and the Caarhart shop over road was trashed, cars on fire outside on street. Kids kicked the bricks off our front wall to throw at the police! yeah...
See pic above (was across our road)
This is my song about it..
Cheers, hope ya like it..


We gotta enough to eat, we can read and we can write
we feel the heat undrneaththese city lights
Don't wanna cause a fuss , tear it up and burn a bus,
Smash it up and loot A Lidls
All the frozen food you can fit in tour middle
..All I want in the midst of this violence .. is to feel my still and silence..
Oh, ooh oh oh ooh, my Quiet Riot...
We got a job to do, Fuck da police and fuck you too
whe it comes to the dawning who will be there for you mourning?
.. oooh, my quiet riot.. ooh, oh o oh my quiet riot...


released March 3, 2017
Demian boas - song, vocals and guitar /Aelfwyn Shipton - violin, bass and backing vocals / Bernd Kiener - Drummmms


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